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Preventive Maintenance

Maintaining a reliable computer system requires a proactive approach to maintenance. Preventive maintenance ensures the stability and availability of your critical systems, minimising hardware failures and software crashes.

Our preventive maintenance service is tailored to your needs, with an agreed checklist of services and checks conducted at agreed intervals for a fixed monthly price, and with contract rates for any additional services.

What we can Offer

Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance schedules may include:

  • Checking the currency and validity of backups.
  • Reviewing server logs, identifying any issues and required action.
  • Managed updates for operating systems and critical software.
  • Managed updates for devices that need regular firmware updates.
  • Reviewing logs of security systems such as virus and spyware scans.
  • Checking firewall logs for evidence of attacks and unauthorised access attempts.

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