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Slow Computer cleanup

Computers "slow down" for various reasons, and a cleanup, with an eye to how you use the computer, can give a major speed boost, returning the computer to the condition it was in when new.


Virus cleanup & prevention

Malware cleanup can require detailed investigation, manual cleanup, and scanning. It's also important to ensure that you have quality Internet Security. We clean up malware and install top quality protection.


Hardware repairs & upgrades

If you need to repair or upgrade your Windows computer, NetSense Computers can help, whether your computer is a desktop or a laptop; if you urgently need files on it, we can help there, too.


Broadband & internet

Regardless of whether you have a Fibre-to -the-Premises (FttP) or Fibre-to-the-Node (FttN) NBN service, or use a 3/4/5G Wireless service, we can assist with installation, configuration, phone setup, abd advanc ed services. We can also asist in setting up business emails, websites, domains, and a full range of Internet services.


Scheduled maintenance

A business computer system requires preventive maintenance to ensure the stability and availability of critical systems. 
We can:  
* Check the currency and validity of backups.
* Review logs and identify any issues.
* Install updates under controlled conditions
* Check the condition of hardware
* Check the state of computer security 


Product Sales

* New computers (including laptops and servers)
* Computer peripherals (e.g., monitors, printers, etc.)
* Network components (including WiFi)
* Computer components
* Software


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